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Meet the current team at Dársena and our history and tradition


Our team of professionals brings together, in perfect harmony, experience, tradition and  innovation which gives the group an extraordinary capacity to adapt to client requirements, underpinned by a passion for the profession


The Dársena having opened its doors on the 25th of May, 1961 under the management of Antonio Pérez Molina, known as “Perete”, and father of the present managing director, Antonio Agustín Pérez Planelles. Initially called the Naútico Restaurant, at the beginning of 1968 the name was changed to the Dársena.
At the end of the 70s, Perete’s son joined the business, and in November 1983 he completely redesigned the restaurant. The Dársena began to specialise further in rice dishes, and now added the Spanish catering trade term “Arrocería” (restaurant specialising in rice dishes) to its restaurant status.
Perete passed away in December 1989, leaving his son Antonio to run both the family business and other catering establishments.
In 1997, after more than thirty seven years on the same site, the port docks opposite Canalejas

square, it became necessary to move the Dársena as a result of the Special Plan for the Port of Alicante, which involved demolishing the building which had housed the restaurant in order to widen the pedestrian zone. Relocated to the capital’s new leisure area, the Recreational Marina, the restaurant now boasts facilities in keeping with its history and status in the Spanish catering trade, offering its clients a range of services such as private dining rooms, a bar serving a choice of snacks or a full a la carte menu, a banquet hall and a spacious dining room with panoramic views over the Recreational Marina.
The restaurant’s culinary offering includes the best of traditional Levantine cuisine, with rice dishes constituting the restaurant’s principal specialty, together with an exceptional range of fresh fish and shellfish purchased daily from the nearby fish market. Tradition is combined with constant adaptation to new mores in all areas of the service, from cuisine to customer service, reflected in our wide and diverse Client base.

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