Blind Dinner

Gift the “Blind Dinner” menu, minimum for 2 people, maximum 10 people.

Ideal dinner for lovers who want to surprise their partners with a different, romantic, fun, sensual and very surprising dinner.

You can request a personalized card in Dársena with the gift menu that your guests will be able to enjoy during the following 2 months.

Remember that you must make the reservation and indicate that it is the “Blind Dinner” menu and that it is subject to availability on the chosen date. Let us know if you have any food intolerance.

Gift gastronomy, gift Dársena!!

Valid for dinners from Tuesday to Thursday.


Explore all your senses and have fun with our “Blind Dinner”.

We cannot reveal the menu to you, because it would stop being a surprise! We can anticipate that there will be dishes from our menu and that you have house drinks included.

Diners are received by the Maitre who explains the details of the dinner. Before the dishes arrive, our guests cover their eyes with our masks and try to guess what they are eating using senses other than sight: smell, touch, taste…

When they wish, they remove their masks and enjoy a full dinner.

Dare with this fun experience and enjoy with all your senses!!

Put in observations the date for which you want the reservation and we will confirm as soon as we can. Dinner starts at 8:30 p.m.


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